GST Solar Kit

The dynamic, plug and play solar kit was designed as a transportable, off-grid power solution capable of providing sustainable power generation and supply to a wide range of systems and equipment. The solar kit consists of a uniquely mounted structure, battery boxes with cabling, and sixteen HIT 215N solar modules.

As an example of the solar kits capabilities, it has been utilized as an alternate power solution for Ground Surveillance Tower Systems (GSTSs), which is a tower surveillance system fully equipped with sensors and cameras payloads. The power generated by the solar kit has proven capable of providing power to the GSTS independently for up to 9 months, effectively reduced the GSTS’s fuel consumption by 90%.

  • Plug/Play: adapt to and optimize current military systems
  • Integrates into electrical equipment for monitoring and logging capabilities
  • High efficiency modules
  • Rapid deployment
  • Quick connects/disconnects (less than 30 mins.)
  • Fully integrated cable assemblies
  • Prewired battery banks and cabling
  • Utilizes maximum power point tracking controllers
  • Built-in redundancy