Renewable Energy Center

The Renewable Energy Center (REC) is a containerized renewable energy system that supports continuous power off the grid through a combination of solar, wind, battery, and optional generator sources for a wide range of operational requirements. The REC provides power for itself and can be customized to provide power output for various power loads. The solar array, wind turbine, and battery bank serve as the main power system while an optional generator provide additional back-up power.


REC Container
Dimensions: 20’ (L) x 8’ (W) x 8’6” (H)
Weight: Approximately 16,000 lbs
Color: Desert Tan (Customizable)
Mini-split air conditioners
Solar Array
5.76 kW rated power
Panasonic high-efficiency modules
MPPT charge controllers
120/240 VAC inverter
Manual disconnects
Custom roof rack system
Bornay 1500 Watt rated power
Integrated charge controller
Integrated breaking system

Battery Bank
2150 Amp-hour @C100 rate
48 VDC nominal system voltage
Custom mounting system
Manual disconnect switch and safety shut-off