Ground Surveillance Tower System (GSTS)

STARA’s GSTS is a telescoping tower with an integrated visual, infrared (IR) and radar sensor suite mounted on a mobile trailer that gathers surveillance data and transmits it to a central command station or Ground Control Station (GCS). The GSTS operates on grid with shore power, off-grid with generators and battery banks, and/or with the Solar Power Kit.

The GSTS is integrated with Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) parts tested to environmental MIL-Standard performance levels.

GSTS control electronics provide offsite monitoring and control of sensor images in addition to monitoring critical system parameters.

STARA provides set up, operation, maintenance, tear down and follow-up training support.

GSTS can be outfitted for maritime use to create powerful and effective persistent surveillance capability for coastal and inland waterways. Deployed on shore or on floating vessels, these systems are effective platforms for any comprehensive surveillance network.

Extended Height 80 ft (Optional 100' tower available)
Maximum Payload 600 lbs
Tongue Weight 760 lbs
Deck Height 26 in.
Number of Axels 2
C-130 Transportable Yes
Erectable Wind Speed 40 MPH
Deployment Time
2/50 or 3/30
Deployed Footprint 30 ft X 34 ft
Tilt Mechanism 2 Hydraulic Rams
Low Temperature -10º/C operational and
-15º/C Storage
High Temperature +49º/C Operational

Optional Solar Kit upgrade available: Solar Kit