Modular Shelters

The STARA Modular Shelter system is a standalone modular apparatus that transforms a standard ISO container into the perfect working environment for any need.

The STARA Modular Shelter system uses a unique mounting structure that allows for quick installation of modular utility panels of varying types. These panels allow the user to not only custom design a mission specific ISO environment, but also change that environment at anytime during the operation. The system is designed to evolve with the needs of its operators.

The Modular Utility Panels are built to serve a multitude of functions. Examples include:

  • Bunks
  • Surveillance Work Stations
  • Tool Storage and Workbench
  • Lockers
  • Shower and Sink Facilities
  • Office Work Space
STARA is continually adding to the Modular Utility Panel library to meet new challenges and scenarios.

Although the Modular Shelter System is designed as a custom infrastructure, STARA has available several pre-built Mission Modules based on common operation needs.

Mission Module: C4I

The C4I Integrated Surveillance Shelter is a self-contained, self-powered integrated, C4I surveillance system, that merges the functionality of multiple standalone systems into one, effectively eliminating the footprint and reducing the logistic burden throughout the product lifecycle.

Mission Module: Communications Relay

A self-contained, self-powered system that provides expanded communications network coverage and/or capacity

Mission Module: HyGrid

A hybrid power generation system, supplying power needs in off grid scenarios using fully integrated autonomous solar powered system requires no external power sources (i.e. grid connections, generators, fuel, etc.)

For more information about designing a custom Mission Module, please contact us.