For over a decade, STARA has been the primary contractor for the United States Army, developing and manufacturing precision Airborne Delivery Systems (ADS) for small, often times mission critical, payloads.

  • Provider


    With STARA’s Provider, UAVs and other aircraft can accurately deliver lightweight bundles of mission critical supplies with great accuracy

  • Mosquito


    The Mosquito Delivery System 3 Waterproof is a proven, versatile delivery system

  • SPuD


    iWad allows users to safely and inexpensively conduct precision airdrop operations from high altitudes while maintaining accuracy

  • SATCOM Tracking Tag

    SATCOM Tracking Tag

    The SATCOM Tracking Tag is an asset tracking device that informs authorized users of the asset’s location and status

  • The Aeronautical Safety Beacon (ASB)

    The Aeronautical Safety Beacon (ASB)

    Prevent mid-air collisions with the Aeronautical Safety Beacon

  • The STARA Sensor Delivery System

    The STARA Sensor Delivery System

    Deliver more than just sensors with the STARA Sensor Delivery System