The Beginning

Established November 8, 2000, STARA Technologies Corp. An ATSC Company (STARA) is a certified small business that operates with a simple purpose: “Problem solving, in time to make a difference.” These words are not merely a slogan, but to our employees they represent values that we strive to meet each and every day. With this in mind, our collaborative team of creative thinkers works to solve problems with a practical approach, against aggressive timelines, to solve real world challenges when it matters the most – today.

In 2001, we were given an opportunity to design and invent an innovative solution that combined parachutes and guidance technology enabling the system to deliver payloads as small as two pounds to precise locations. Based on the theories derived from this flagship concept, STARA has played a pivotal role in the innovation and development of Aerial Delivery Systems (ADS) for small, often times, mission-critical payloads.

Within the first six months, STARA was operating with a staff of only three personnel, and grew to a team of 15 within the first year. From 2001 to 2009, STARA’s team developed several ADS for conceptual and functioning Department of Defense and NASA projects. STARA has benefited from several contract awards and participated in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants that effectively enhanced our expertise and understanding of ADS solutions and applications.

Our Evolution

Based on our reputation as a rapid developer and engineering expertise, STARA was approached by a long term customer in 2009 with a request for the design and development of a conceptual surveillance tower and command center solution to be deployed in austere environments. The result of this request was the development of the Persistent Ground Surveillance Tower (PGST) and Common Ground Control Station (CGCS) for the NAVAIR 4.5X program. This concept went from design to first article delivery in less than 12 months.

From 2009 to 2014, STARA continued to develop complementary solutions and enhancements to the PGST system with over 40 PGST systems sold to date. During this same period, STARA managed multiple offices and approximately 170 employees over 60 of whom were deployed overseas.

Modern Day

The completion of the NAVAIR 4.5X contract and the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan led to a reinvention and refocus of our company. We returned to our roots as a lean, productive work force that utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach, from planning to execution, reducing administrative delay by minimizing approval layers between functional employees and executive decision makers which, in turn, empowers managers and team leads to act upon immediate program needs.

We continue to leverage our reputation as creative thinkers with an action focused structure that works to significantly reduce redundant reporting, and keep operations effective and results focused. Our work force remains loyal to our vision of “Problem solving, in time to make a difference,” and we seek to utilize our skills to meet the immediate needs of our customers.