Vehicle Mounted Surveillance System (VMSS)

The Vehicle Mounted Surveillance System (VMSS) is a rapid-response multi-sensor payload mast system that supports persistent wide-area surveillance operations. From the most demanding off-road conditions to congested urban environments, the VMSS provides end-users with the capability of quickly establishing overwatch that can be effortlessly relocated as the situation changes. The system elevates up to 350 pounds of equipment up to 32 feet above a vehicle providing the mobile overwatch platform with command and control located in the vehicle cabin.

VMSS can be deployed in under a half hour, operating continuously for up to eight (8) hours without external power. VMSS’ onboard power replenishes batteries by using the vehicle alternator. Battery isolators prevent the vehicle battery from being drained when the engine is not running. Power is also supplied to the on-board operator work station. The operator work station provides full system control in the field incorporating a moving map display and automated tools (slew-to-cue, alarm zones, and recording/playback) to assist with the prioritization of threats in congested environments. VMSS is a modular design allowing for installation on a wide range of commercial and/or military vehicles including pickup trucks, SUVs, tactical vehicles, and more. VMSS can also operate independently or wirelessly in a network with other assets to create a highly flexible mobile surveillance structure.

Extended Height* 36.5 ft
Nested Height* 10.5 ft
Maximum Payload* Up to 400 lbs
System Weight* 1000 lbs + Sensors
C-130 Transportable Yes
Vehicle Transportable Yes
Time to Elevate Mast* 3 min

*Mast Specifications based on Stiletto HD mast. Specifications will vary for custom payloads.